The Art of Negotiation

Publisher: Diamond Inc.

The Art of Discussion

Publisher: Diamond Inc.

Publisher: Diamond Inc.

A skilled Japanese lawyer who practices in New York imparts negotiation know-how that can be used in business with immediate effect. The book highlights 50 negotiation tips.

A Japanese lawyer who practices in New York reveals, for the first time, techniques that will make the other party say “yes” while you make your point.  Build a “win-win” relationship with the other party. The book highlights 51 tips that can be used to build a “win-win” relationship.

Negotiation techniques taught by a Japanese lawyer practicing in New York, the home of negotiations.  The book introduces practical know-how that can be used immediately in negotiations, from the initial stage to closing, such as “when compromising, gradually make concessions” and “drive the discussion to a more favorable direction while agreeing to the other party’s position.”

Jeff Horn

Selected to Super Lawyers: 

2013 - 2019

Ohashi & Horn LLP Partner Jeff Horn has been named to the 2019 Texas Super Lawyers list.  He was selected to the list for the seventh consecutive year.